ILCE is a brand registered by Shenzhen KaiRun Technology Co., Ltd., condensed with Lenovo and wisdom, to connect with the needs of users, to create a lotus-like noble and introverted, Zhuo without group of quality and business
Industry culture. Dedicated, everywhere.
ILCE Lianchuang pursuit of excellence, innovation, stability, happiness, and strive to bring customers excellent products and happy user experience, is iLCE lotus people's goal.
1. wishful: choose iLCE lotus is to choose a wishful user experience, a wishful cooperation opportunities.
2. Excellence: iLCE lotus continuous pursuit of excellence is iLCE lotus people work habits.
3. Innovation: iLCE Lotus is the industry leader in innovation, breaking the industry a number of innovation first.
4. Products: iLCE lotus products Seiko, reliable, durable.
5. Services: iLCE lotus integrity, meticulous, punctual.
6. Technology: iLCE lotus has more than seven years of chip-level wireless product development strength, can provide customers with high satisfaction ODM services.
7. Win-win: good service communication and market protection.

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