US UL successfully ordered our L890T products

Model: iLCE lotus LCE-L890T card type flip laser pen (support microSD / TF memory card).
Which iLCE lotus LCE-L890T card-type flip laser pen, after my company's R & D team experienced repeated in June on the performance of the test, and strive to stability, computer compatibility, wireless distance open space up to 30 meters above, microSD / TF read and write speed, energy saving to do the best. In May 2011 a new listing, opened the industry's third generation to support the new era of plug-in laser pointer. This product not only gives users a new experience, a better interpretation of iLCE lotus brand value of the letter --- iLCE lotus, condensate association and wisdom, connecting the needs of users, creating lotus-like noble and introverted, Zhuo and Not the product quality and corporate culture. At the same time can replace the U disk, allowing users to choose according to their needs 1GB ~ 32GB capacity microSD / TF memory card can also be used for mobile phone TF memory card reader to use, so that important documents to carry, easy to read.

This product has been applied for national patents, patent certificate number: ZL201030693461.4 (welcome to the State Intellectual Property Office group query.

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