What is a laser pen
A: The laser pen is only used to direct and children's toys, the function is also very simple. Only infrared laser indicator and ordinary white LED lights dual function. Now the development of a wide variety of uses are also quite different. Such as toys, engineering instructions, education and so on.
2. What is the laser flip pen, electronic pointer?
A: This is a multi-function wireless remote control developed by a single-function infrared laser pen, dedicated to teaching, speaking, training, conference-related work.
       Features: Infrared laser indicator function and with the projector to use the slide flip function. So that the staff on the stage, you can freely control their own meetings and other teaching progress, without the need to specialize in the operation of the computer assistant.
3. What is the PPT flip pen?
A: PPT is developed by Microsoft Office Office software PowerPoint abbreviation, also known as slides, PPT page is our daily work indispensable tool, mainly used to control the progress of the slide show.
4. What kind of laser flip pen now use it?
A: The current laser flip pen function, more types, of course, the price is quite different. Mainly according to their own needs to choose.
      With the air mouse multi-function: not only integrated mouse function, but also with the PPT commonly used operating functions, is characterized by powerful, all-encompassing. The disadvantage is the high price. A good tool, to their own work will bring a lot of fun, but also save a lot of unnecessary trouble. With playback, pause, black screen, up and down page 5 in 1 function, etc., this type of feature is practical and easy to use. Basically can meet most of the work needs. There are only with the flip function, this is the most simple only flip function, suitable for some like the need for simple operation.
5. Infrared remote control laser flip pen and RF remote control laser flip pen What is the difference?
A: Infrared remote control laser pen has been basically out of the edge, the reason is that the direction must be in order to operate, the other vulnerable to fluorescent and sunlight and other infrared light interference,
Operating distance is also very short.
       RF remote control is the mainstream wireless technology, the advantage is no directional restrictions, the operation distance is also very long, free to use without restrictions.
       RF remote control laser pen is divided into 433MHz / 315MHz low frequency band and 2.4GHz technology high frequency technology.
       433MHz / 315MHz low frequency shortcomings is due to the working frequency and the same part of the computer, it is easy to be disturbed, resulting in shortening the control distance and sometimes can not operate
The situation to the work to bring and large inconvenience. Many cars are also open wireless door lock so. In the choice must be asked to the dealer.
       2.4GHz technology is the world's most advanced, green interference with the strongest wireless technology, the ability to automatically detect frequency hopping, thus avoiding the mutual interference of the situation. Even if the same surrounding environment also exists the same frequency band, it will automatically detect and select another frequency point work.
6. Does the laser flip pen need to install the driver software?
A: Generally used in the Windows system is not needed, and some Apple's system will be unable to use the system. If some XP system is pop-up dialog box, said usb keyboad need to drive, how to solve? Then need XP system installation disk to solve, mainly caused by the lack of XP system files.
7. Is the laser flip pen safe?
A: When using the laser function, do not directly irradiate the human eye, will make the eyes of the burns or blindness. Especially the power of more than 5mw laser beam, a long time direct exposure to human eyes, the possibility of blindness greatly increased. Therefore, we must pay attention not to let the children brought to play. Please pay attention to the warning mark on the battery cover when purchasing.
8. How does the laser pen distinguish optical power?
A: The battery cover is marked with 5mW (US standard) or 1mW (European standard). Many domestic manufacturers of laser flip pen power are far beyond the safety specifications. It is easy to cause accidental eye burns. Please pay attention to the warning mark on the battery cover when purchasing.

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